Crane Systems

When considering a change to your production process, often the need for a custom built overhead crane system comes in to play. When that time comes, it can be hard to know exactly what to do or where to go. With our combined experience of over 50 years in the overhead crane industry, BTI has the knowledge and know-how to get you the right system for your application. You can rest assured knowing that the systems we design, and install will get the job done for years to come. All our custom-built systems come with a P.E. stamp, so you know that the system we are putting up meets all the engineering requirements to provide a safe work environment. Call BTI today to set up an appointment for one of our representatives to come out to your facility and review your application today!

Lifting Devices

Whether you are moving a complex part or a simple sheet of steel, BTI has you covered. With a wide variety of off the shelf solution, intelligent lifting devices is where BTI shines. Each custom device is engineered, fabricated and assembled in our Lexington facility to meet your exact specifications. Regardless of lifting method, operator safety is our top priority.
You don’t have any specs, or sample parts? No problem, our staff is well versed in reverse engineering a solution based on prototypes, CAD Models and napkin sketches.

Intelligent Devices

  • Safety Controls, HMIs, Positive Part Presence and Field I/O controls
  • Pneumatic, Electronic and Vacuum suction
  • Clamping and Crowding devices
  • Part Manipulation, Tilt and Rotate

Work Platforms

Has floor space in your facility become a premium? Let BTI elevate your space with a turn key work platform solution. Our platforms are designed, engineered and fabricated in house to provide maximum quality control and nearly half the lead time of our competitors. Our team of engineers design each system to meet or exceed all IBC or OHSA regulation to include PE seal, as needed. No matter the scope we have the team for you.

Why manage multiple contractors and vendors when you could simply hire BTI. Bluegrass Tool and Industrial is a turn key provider meaning we will self-perform and manage every step necessary to get your project complete. Our field teams are composed of a wide range of specialists, from steel erectors and crane inspectors to engineers and master electricians. This versatility coupled with our trusted network of local trades make allows you more time to focus on our next project together.

Automated Conveyor Systems

One of the most effective improvement to any operations is the addition of conveyance systems. Bluegrass Tool and Industrial offers a wide variety of conveyor solutions as well as multiple quick ship options. Our team of engineers would love to look at your custom application, from zero pressure accumulation to 50 Ton paint line chain conveyors we have the experience necessary to integrate the solution you need. For a full list of options and offerings contact BTI today.

  • Gravity Conveyor
  • 24vdc and 120v motor options
  • Chain Driven CDLR and Line Shaft
  • Belt
  • Power Flex Conveyor
  • Overhead and In-Ground Chain conveyor
  • Paint line

Assembly / Process Stations

Easier, Better, Faster, Cheaper. These lean principles are the moving targets for nearly every manufacturing and continuous improvement team. Regardless if you are looking at a new product lunch or an existing process, team up with BTI to see how we can improve your safety, ergonomics, accuracy and always efficiency.

Assembly Process:
Fixture tooling and Static assembly stations
Test fixtures, enclosure and machines

Advanced Solutions:
Semi-Automated Assembly Process
Poka-Yoke Design, Part Presence and pick sensors
DC Tool Fastening integration with HMI interface


Do you have a controls project, let us help! Our team of engineers and master electricians have the knowledge and experience necessary to produce the solution you need. BTI is your local OEM and systems integrator, call us today to learn more.

Category Rated Safety Circuits and Guarding
Motion Control – Drives, VFD,

Safety Controls and Guarding

Safety First and Always. Our team of engineering is dedicated to making your work environment as safe as possible utilizing custom machine guarding and/ or category rated controls system. Call us today to find out more.